Steam Spring 1944 release

upgrade rapid to handle submodules

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  1. read .submodules and parse all submodules and their source and paths
  2. one by one for each submodule:
  • go on path and read .gitmodule, parse commit
  • get submodule data from source specificing commit
  • store data in path next to .gitmodule

related to similar tech done for lobby support for git submodules

WWII styling of ingame UI (MVP)

After done...

once done, move WWII buttons and colors style in lobby this to backlog

UI for rearm showing real time in MM:SS, not just seconds

Replace obscure MVP rearm counter by proper counter with proper formatting.

Related to refactor timeExt lib to new type

upgrade morph gadget to support persistent unitIDs

For any AI the unitID of one unit no matter how many times it morhps should stay the same. It is huge overhead for any AI creator.

Related to

Spring issue found


nota ui in ss44


  • nota UI + given chili is separated into own repository
  • reafactoring is done so there is clear game-specific part of code (in game repo) and UI part (mentioned above, separated submodule, linked to game repo)
  • support for BETS nativelly
  • reworking the game specific part so there are minimum references to nota/robots/etc
  • making minial set of icons new icons of the new UI oders

  • nota dev branch -
  • s44 dev branch -

Release V1

  • new cool intro created by @masterzh1
  • support for all classic s44 maps
  • support for playing on stable release and also on the latest dev releases
  • bunch of new autohost rooms with stable release and also the latest dev releases
  • we made sure lobby is not consuming CPU and it has better performance than Springlobby - prove: Lobby CPU consumption
  • we enabled easy setup for Singleplayer for s44!
  • game authors in lobby "about"

Links to release

How to join to dev-rooms

Put "AI: Craig" into list of default AIs available for playing s44

  • name of the AI C.R.A.I.G.
  • it is lua AI, so add it into the launch script same way as you do with NOE AI
  • it is AI only for s44
  • it should be possible to add the AI in dev-skirmish ([EPIC] Dev launcher)
  • it should be possible to add the AI in multiplayer bettleroom
  • fast singleplayer is NOT neeed

Icons for SinglePlayer

We have new icons replacing the nota default ones. Themed in war propaganda posters.

Lobby CPU consumption

buumi: but it uses constantly over 5% cpu while springlobby uses 0.3%

Result is:

  • it is not true except situation lobby is playing intro or switching background images in main menu
  • otherwise notAlobby is better performing than springlobby as you can see on attached screenshots

s44 authors in "About" lobby section

I want to list all authors of s44 in a lobby explicit page.

If anyone can sum this up, it would help us. (or link to some repostiory ingame file)

Release V0

Release only for devs


continues in