GDS 2017

Prague GDS 2017 Indie presentation of nota and Steam Spring 1944

Estimated cost covers all expenses related to 4 crew members and PR costs


AI editing tool for Spring games, primarily developed for nota.

Public boards

Board: i1qLOk6V

s44 release support 2016

Support package for Spring: 1944 containing improvements in lobby, hosting system and distribution backend.

Once there is stable release, this project covers the support of the project to the end of the year.

journeywar autohosts support

Two motivation sources:

  • Help Picasso so Journeway have stable and dev host running all the time by providing know-how, launch repos and some support
  • Use this opportunity to document the autohost setup framework so we have written description of all manual steps needed to setup new hosts on AWS servers.

Board: p>

GDS 2016

Prague GDS 2016 Indie presentation of Spring projects.

Estimated cost covers all expenses related to all 10 crew members.

notAtournament 2016

Organization: @benskoning
Commentary: Forboding Angel + KoyoteKamper
Tech support: @pepeampere