nota 1.90 + Spring 103.0+

resolve problem of the engine default shading is much worse than before

probably utilize ZK hack: shaders\GLSL\infoLOS.lua

nota 1.91 & nota 1.92

part of

main news in 1.92


  • increased LOS LOD
  • features HP fix working again, much more HP for each wreckage
  • related crushing powers increased so heavy tanks or mechs are able to crush wreckages and cheap units


  • Arm Commander moved to medium armor class and core ones to heavy armor class
  • All commanders light laser speed increased 3x (610 -> 1830)
  • Warp gate commanders HP increased to 200 % (5800 -> 11600)


  • tweaking the air area attack widget to give planes enough targets


  • improved refactored reverse to work better with old pathplanner
  • fixing warriors path tile

fair mapping prototype

As user of AI tool I want to have some visual debug of tactical sensors.


  • make sensors which collect local mapping
  • draw results in new widget similar way as old NOE tactical debug
  • optimizations are not necessary, but keep the character of the local data collection (some radius around active BETS groups)
  • compared to old NOE mapping this is fair system, no cheating :cool:

Add effect to visually identify AI-controlled units. It should be other optional module (widget)

We use two icons for units controlled by AI

  • unlocked units still receive orders from player
  • locked units is not possible even select, there are not responsive since the lock is removed via BTController
  • once AI widgets crash, lock is automatically removed

fake player demo

acceptance criteria

simple widget which

  • makes primitive group management
  • evaluate goal function once per second for each group
  • there is goal for group of peewees which call one of the bets commands as player would do
  • only necessary action in game needed is spawning few peewees
  • quality of code is not important, this is just prove of concept

BETS commands II + III

As part of the AI tool development we improve nota's backend as well. During the integration process I created system which allows players to add custom commands on their units. They can be used by any AI system or external component/system player will connect to our game.

continues from

based on

  • >

return selection widget!

Done as part of nota 1.91 & nota 1.92

We can proudly say that thanks to widget API fixes performed by our allied BETS AI team I was able to re-enable the old cool selection widget.


nota 1.90r

part of

main news

  • new ai autotest
  • new spacebugs graphics
  • making uw-tanks faster in big depths

nota 1.90q

part of

main news

  • area attack - make sure you check how e.g. hellfish works with area attack now
  • pyro graphics enhanced
  • estorages effects
  • fusions effects
  • spacebugs fighting witout major errors
  • airplanes orders - its possible to set microAI settings even during refueling
  • bugfixes - submarines
  • balances - some long time expected

new core reactors

our core fusions are the worst looking ones in Spring games, lets upgrade them btw