s44 release support 2016

nota ui in ss44


  • nota UI + given chili is separated into own repository
  • reafactoring is done so there is clear game-specific part of code (in game repo) and UI part (mentioned above, separated submodule, linked to game repo)
  • support for BETS nativelly
  • reworking the game specific part so there are minimum references to nota/robots/etc
  • making minial set of icons new icons of the new UI oders

  • nota dev branch - https://bitbucket.org/notagame/nota/branch/notAchili-experiments
  • s44 dev branch - https://bitbucket.org/notalab/game/branch/notAchili-clonning

Release V1

  • new cool intro created by @masterzh1
  • support for all classic s44 maps
  • support for playing on stable release and also on the latest dev releases
  • bunch of new autohost rooms with stable release and also the latest dev releases
  • we made sure lobby is not consuming CPU and it has better performance than Springlobby - prove: Lobby CPU consumption
  • we enabled easy setup for Singleplayer for s44!
  • game authors in lobby "about"

Links to release

How to join to dev-rooms

Put "AI: Craig" into list of default AIs available for playing s44

  • name of the AI C.R.A.I.G.
  • it is lua AI, so add it into the launch script same way as you do with NOE AI
  • it is AI only for s44
  • it should be possible to add the AI in dev-skirmish ([EPIC] Dev launcher)
  • it should be possible to add the AI in multiplayer bettleroom
  • fast singleplayer is NOT neeed

Icons for SinglePlayer

We have new icons replacing the nota default ones. Themed in war propaganda posters.

Lobby CPU consumption

buumi: but it uses constantly over 5% cpu while springlobby uses 0.3%

Result is:

  • it is not true except situation lobby is playing intro or switching background images in main menu
  • otherwise notAlobby is better performing than springlobby as you can see on attached screenshots

s44 authors in "About" lobby section

I want to list all authors of s44 in a lobby explicit page.

If anyone can sum this up, it would help us. (or link to some repostiory ingame file)

Release V0

Release only for devs


continues in